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we all had our minds made up for us

Robert Chase, MD
1 January
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the diagnosis of a foreign frame of heart

Robert Chase, House MD

Cameron: It's his dad's fault.
Chase: My dad was an arse.
Cameron: But you did everything he wanted you to and in return, you got everything you wanted.
Chase: Yeah, it's that simple.
Cameron: His strategy worked. Dad got him a cushy job, paid for his cushy life.
Chase: Cut me out of his cushy will.
Foreman: I told you, just his nature. Poor guy's hardwired to kiss ass.

[canon:] keeping up with the current season of House.
[duckling:] flexible, somewhere within the first three seasons.



For the moment, RP content in this journal is friends-only. Fic is public.

I'm always happy to be contacted about RP. I'm open to playing from all five seasons, gen, het or slash. So far as ships go, I have no OTP and there are very few pairings that don't interest me in some way. I won't just jump into writing anything if I can't find the logic in it, but generally if it works for the character then it works for me. Crossover RP is fun too.

Seeking: Amber because Ch/Amber has always pinged me, and any Foreman but particularly S3 era.

This is a fanworks journal, I own neither Jesse Spencer nor the character of Robert Chase.
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